The Cell Guide

Benefits Of The ISM Cell Ministry

1. The ISM Cell helps to strengthen the body of Christ as like minded ministers’ fellowship and network with one another in their cities, communities and nations.

2. The cell ministry positions members of the cell to be more effective ministers of the gospel in their respective ministries, communities and nations.

3. It serves as a forum for members to receive continuous teaching from our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, in the form of various ministry resources and outlines on a monthly basis.

4. Members have preferred access to registration and subsequent training at the international school of ministry and ISM ministers network conferences and many other programs organized by the ministry.

5. Members also have access to trainings, webinars, communion services and other programs.

5. Cell leaders have preferred registration and seating for onsite programs with the man God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Benefits Of Being An ISM Cell Leader

1. Cell leaders will receive continuous teachings from our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on a monthly basis.

2. Cell leaders have access to monthly training meeting with the ISM director, Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Philips.

3. Cell leaders are given preferred access to register themselves and members of their cells for the ISM ministers’ network conferences, ISM sessions, online conferences, international partners conferences and other ISM programs.

4. Cell leaders are given privileged access to the monthly global communion services with the man God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, monthly ISM webinars and other designated online programs.

Benefits Of Being A Member Of An ISM Cell

1. Members will receive continuous teachings from our man of God, Pastor Chris on a monthly basis.

2. As a member, you will be networked with ministers of other ministries. This is important as the bible says that iron sharpens iron (proverbs 27:17)

3. Members have preferred access to register and attend the yearly ISM sessions and ISM Ministers’ Network Conferences as well as other online and onsite programs being organized by the ISM

4. Members are given preferred access to the monthly global communion services with the man of god, Pastor Chris, monthly ISM Webinars and other designated online programs

Responsibilities Of An ISM Cell Member

1. To attend and participate in the cell meetings.

2. To encourage other cell members, who are ministers to attend cell meetings and also participate in cell activities and cell outreaches.

3. To work with the cell leader towards growth of the cell, by inviting more ministers to become a part of the cell.

4. To mobilize ministers to attend ism sessions, ism minister network conferences, online conferences and other relevant programs.

5. To work with the cell leader in reaching many more ministers with the message of the gospel and the teachings from the ISM

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Modus Operandi Of An ISM Cell

Every cell has a leader, like in every team; there is an appointed leader, ‘cell leader’, who is accountable for the cell and its members. The leaders’ primary responsibility is, to invite and rally cell members to the monthly meeting called a ‘cell meeting’.

The following are the features of an ism cell

Monthly Cell Meetings
Cell meetings hold once every month for two hours. The cell meeting can hold any day within the week or weekend in an onsite location that is convenient for the leader and the members. It is strongly adviced that the cell meeting holds monthly in a specific location/venue and at a specific day and time. This will help cell members structure adequately for it.

Virtual Online Cell Meetings
ISM cell meetings can also take place online, with the cell leader and members in different locations. Cells in countries where christian activities are officially restricted are usually pioneered in this manner. It is however important to schedule onsite meetings at a date not far from the initial creation of the virtual cell, if this is possible.

Cell Growth and Planting Of New Cells
A proof of the vibrancy of a living organism is growth and division. Through their activities, ism cells are encouraged to grow and give birth to other cells in the cities and locations where they are and other locations, giving many more ministers the opportunity to be impacted through their membership of a cell.

Missionary Cells
ISM cells may also embark on the planting of new cells in different countries other than the country where the cell operates. Such cells are referred to as ism missionary cells.

Other Cell Outreaches
ISM cell leaders and their members may also embark on different projects and outreaches as a corporate effort to further impact other ministers as well as their communities. Such outreaches include the following:

  • ➢ community development projects benefitting the less privileged.
  • ➢ reachout and free distribution of christian materials to designated groups and communities.
  • ➢ organization of international missions, cell planting outreaches and ministers forum.

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ISM Global Ministers' Cell have impacted the lives of ministers in all the nations of the world, as it provides them the opportunity for studying together, praying together, fellowshipping with one another, strengthening and impact.