Thank you for your insterest in Starting an ISM Cell

To Become an ISM Cell Leader or start CELL an ISM Cell

Kindly find below requirements for a Minister must have met before he/she can Start an ISM Cell.

  1. ➢ Must have Completed at least 2 or more COURSES in the ISM Online or Onsite School or language School.

  2. ➢ Must have been an Asistant Cell Leaders or cell Executives and must have actively attended Programs organised by the ISM or Our man of God, etc.

  3. ➢ Must have been an active and a consistent cell or Prayer Group member for at least 6 months, (with 60% participation)

  4. ➢ Must be in the habit of Ordering and using materials by our man of God or the ISM regularly as an individual and with his congregation and for evangelical works e.g Rhapsody of realities, healing school magazines etc

  5. ➢ Must have hosted the Healing Streams by setting up a Center(s), etc.

  6. ➢ Must have Consistently attend the monthly cell leaders training and stakeholders meetings with the director as a nominee.

  7. ➢ Must have attended the ISM cell Academy

  8. ➢ Approved and certified by the Director of the ISM

If you meet all the requirements listed above please click on the button below to proceed

Be Part Of The ISM Cell Ministry

ISM cells have impacted the lives of ministers in all the nations of the world, as it provides them the opportunity for studying together, praying together, fellowshipping with one another, strengthening and impact.